A Boy Was Born At 37 Weeks  Already ᴡᴇɪɢʜed 11lbs He Had To Wear Baby Grows For 3-Month-Olds

A Boy Was Born At 37 Weeks  Already ᴡᴇɪɢʜed 11lbs He Had To Wear Baby Grows For 3-Month-Olds

A MUM has revealed her baby ᴡᴇɪɢʜed a staggering 11lbs when he was born at 37 weeks. Krystal Nicole Olson uploaded a video of her adorable son, and admitted she had to buy baby grows for three-month-olds because he was so big. On her @notkrystalnicoleolson TikTok account, she said: “My son was born at 11lbs, ok 11lbs that’s a big baby. He was born at 37 weeks, 11lbs at 37 weeks.”

She then showed a photo of her baby son coming home from the hospital.She added another snap of him and said: “That’s him in the hospital in a three-month onesie.”

Krystal also revealed a photo of herself when she was pregnant with her son, and said: “That’s me getting induced at 37 weeks.” According to the NHS website, “pregnancy normally lasts from 37 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last period.”

The average ᴡᴇɪɢʜt for a baby born in the UK is 7lb 8oz for boys and for girls 7lb 4oz. A newborn who ᴡᴇɪɢʜs more than 8.8lbs is considered larger than normal – and may be ʀᴇFᴇʀʀᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴀs ᴍᴀᴄʀᴏsᴏᴍɪᴀ

 What is considered a ‘big baby’?

Typically, ᴡᴇɪɢʜts of babies that ᴡᴇɪɢʜ more than 4500 grams (10 lbs.) as larger than normal . But what we really want to know is whether your baby is too big for your ᴘᴇʟᴠɪs. ᴡᴇɪɢʜt is just one factor doctors consider when doctor’re estimating the chances of a patient successfully having a vaginal delivery. There are three parts to the equation that determine this: “The power, the passenger, and the passage.”

“Passage” refers to the ᴀɴᴀᴛᴏᴍʏ of your ᴘᴇʟᴠɪs. When doctors do ᴠᴀɢɪɴᴀʟ ᴇxᴀᴍs ᴛᴏᴡᴀʀᴅ the end of the pregnancy, that’s what we’re trying to evaluate: How narrow is the ᴘᴇʟᴠɪs? Can we reach the tailbone? Do we think this baby will fit through this ᴘᴇʟᴠɪs? Like the estimation of fetal size, this isn’t an exact science, but it can help us determine a birth plan for the day of delivery

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