April 22, 2023

Mum Deliberately Got Pregnant With Baby No.2 When I Should’ve Been 39 Weeks With Her First

Mum Deliberately Got Pregnant With Baby No.2 When I Should’ve Been 39 Weeks With Her First

She fell pregnant just a few weeks later with son Elijah, also five – a week before what was Ezra’s due date.“Unbelievable,  I was pregnant with my second baby when technically should have been 39 weeks gone with my first. But I was so happy” she said.

Chloe, and husband Sean Allies, 34, met in 2014 at a night out and quickly they decided made a date and  wanted to try for children. After five months they got pregnant with Ezra and everything went smoothy untl her water broke early due date  in February 2016 and she gave birth by C section.

Chloe said her second pregnancy was “easy and smoothy too”  In December 2016 – the same year she delivered her first baby – the second baby was born  to full-term with 6lb 14oz Elijah. She gave birth the second baby by C section, because both pregnancies so close together, that safely for mom and baby.

The brothers, despite being born in the same calendar year and both currently being six, are not in the same school year.

“I had busy days, There were bottle feeds every two to three hours and a lot of nappy changes. They hardly sleep. The thing I’ve faced most with is mum guilt. I stayed in a lot in the early days as I couldn’t drive and it was a challenge getting to places with two very young children. But now it’s lovely having two boys so close in age – although they wind each other up.”she said

Women to give their body time to fully recover from pregnancy  and birth before planning the next.   The evidence suggests that there is a small increased chance of complications if the gap between pregnancies is less than 18 months.  Using the right contraception  at the right time following birth will help give them control over that choice.

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