Anorexic Model Lost Six Babies To Mis-carriage, The Reasn Make You Angry

Anorexic Model Lost Six Babies To Mis-carriage, The Reasn Make You Angry

Now she is mum of 2 children

An anorexic model Samantha, now 24 who was desperate to become a mum underwent six mis-carriage in just two years because she was very thin – but is now a heathy mum  and mother to two children.  By the age of 19, she had managed to get pregnant six times but heart-breakingly had l.ost all her babies due to being so underweight.

Samantha aged 19 and just three months after giving birth to Mae

She said: “I l.ost all six of them before 12 weeks. It was so difficult and terrible with me, i only wanted to become a mom ”

Samantha was anorexic when she was only  just 10 years old because she was worried about being overweight and fat at school she scare ugly.  She didn’t want to ridiculed at school, and worried her sister would be beautiful then her, she started trying to hide how much she was eating.  Samantha continued to eat less and less and in her fourth year of secondary school. When she was  15 years old, she weighted  around eight stone and 5ft 5.

Samantha, right, with friend Amy aged 12. By 15 she weighed around eight stone

Her mom was worry about her daughter, looked like she was more and morer thiner. At the age of 18 Samantha decided to move away from her mum to Enniskillen, in Co Fermanagh – the other side of Northern Ireland. It started to get worse then. she was fainting a lot. She kept continued lose weight , she had only sĩ stone she was six stone. She had six mis-carriage, because she was so thin. It wasn’t until she got pregnant that she needed for help.

Samantha with daughter Mae and 28 weeks pregnant with William

When she was 19, Samantha fell pregnant with her little girl Mea, now five, but she had morning sickness,  After Mea was born, she asked for help and started to gain weight.

At 22 she got pregnant with her second and her weight continued to fall because of her morning sickness. When William was born, she was determined to get help to weight gain.

Samantha aged 22 and two months after William’s birth

She now weighs just over nine stone and tries to eat well for her children. Samantha is no longer with the children’s fathers and she is their main carer throughout the week.

She said: “Now I have my kids, I make sure I eat breakfast and dinner, because if I don’t they won’t eat either.  I do worry about my daughter.  It is still there sometimes. It is going to be an ongoing ʙᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ, but if anyone has problems with food, they need to speak up. I think sometimes people don’t realise the mental side of it as well. You don’t need to be really sᴋɪɴɴʏ to be sᴛʀᴜɢɢʟɪɴɢ.”


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