Even  He Is The Busiest Actor In Hollywood, His Number One Mission Is Still To Be A Fᴀᴛʜᴇʀ.

Even  He Is The Busiest Actor In Hollywood, His Number One Mission Is Still To Be A Dad

When it comes to the world of rich and famous people, people often consider children as oneiest of the luck kids in the world. They are considered princes and princesses with lavish vacations that they travel around the world. But for famous people, a dad becomes even more difficult because the busyness of work easily swings them into the career spiral. There is no time to care and play with children.

Dwayne Johnson, the actor nicknamed “The Rock” or the muscular hero, he has proven to the world as a celebrity, but he always spends a lot of time with his children, taking care of his children. the thoughtful. He often captures fans’ hearts with sweet moments with his little baby and a simple but profound philosophy of teaching children.

Although a star is welcomed by many people, but when he returns home with his wife and children, the actor The Rock becomes the husband, exemplary dad and ideal of women. He is not afraid to feed his wife when he is busy breastfeeding. He also doesn’t mind taking care of children from sleeping food. Sleepless nights, lack of sleep because you don’t look so strange to this giant dad. He spent all his free time helping his wife and taking care of the children, even though at times “was exhausted.”

Don’t mind staying up all night to take care of children

The image of The Rock caressing his girl after returning home. The latest photo shows him holding his 2-year-old girl  Jasmine in his arms with the caption: “I only have 3 hours of sleep after that day’s work. But so what if the girl just wants her dad to carry it. And there is nothing better than the feeling of holding a baby in my arms.As a famous actor, appearing with a strong body after splendid clothes, but when you are with you, Dwayne Johnson is simple, normal life is willing to patiently sit and play with girls for hours, as long as you are happy.

Accept your child’s “request”

What if your ᴅᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ suggested to apply nail polish to her dad before going to work? But The Rock agreed unconditionally. Because it was simply an undeniable “request” because the ᴅᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ thought it was something to do and should do for her dad.You are your companion and your driving force. Although he is busy with work, the dad of 3 still considers his son as a companion. And even if you want to go to the practice room just to watch and cheer for Dad, why not?“I only have 3 hours of sleep after that day’s work. But what about when the girl  wants her dad to hold her and there’s nothing better than the feeling of holding her in her arms. I have to make use of every time I can to stay with you . The number one priority in my life is to protect my family, to protect my children.” He said

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