February 8, 2023

Woman’s Life Who Got Pregnant At 15 Years Old 

Woman’s Life Who Got Pregnant At 15 Years Old

Teenage pregnancy is a universal social and educational concern in Connect, developing and underdeveloped countries. It is not a new phenomenon, but it is surprising that in the era of  literacy and availability of con-traception, teenage pregnancy is still a major problem throughout the world. Many countries continue to experience a high prevalence of teenage pregnancy regardless of the implementation of intervention strategies to reduce teenage pregnancy, such as  education in schools and community awareness programmes. Still know it, so this woman had pregnant during sudy in schooland.

A  woman who got pregnant at 15, Sierra Watts fell pregnant when she was 15-years-old and still in schooland gave her baby up for adoptinon.  Sierra, from Missouri, got pregnant by an older man, and says at the time she didn’t really understand about s̴e̴x̴ and the finer points of ʙɪᴏʟᴏɢʏ, as she admits “I grew up very sheltered, i did everything i like, no one couldn’t hamper me.”

She said: “I was naive about s̴e̴x̴ ,  I could not raise a child, I did not have money to raise a child, no job, no money, i missed my son.”

Sierra, whose son was adopted  under a new name, has virtually no contact with her little boy, who she named Nova while she was carrying him. She recalled telling her parents she was going to be a teen mum, and the tough decision to give her son away.

She has opened up about the delivery, and the last precious moments she spent with Nova before he was taken to his new birth family.

Ultimately, she decided to give her son up for adoption beacause she couldn’t raise him up, she wanted everything better for his life in new family.

She described the birth as the “sadest moment” of her life, and says she was unsure about bonding with him too much, in case it became too hard to hand him over.   The new mum says she told it would be “selfish ” on the adoptive parents to back out, and she worried she might end up changing her mind if she spent too much time with him.

“As much as I had reasons to do it for myself, ultimately I did it for my child, not for me. I wanted my child to have a good life, I wanted my child to live a life he deserved to live.  And at that time I could not provide that for him. Now, I can provide that life now, to my son.” She said

Now says she does regret giving her son away, saying “no babies are ever mistakes”   .   Sierra speaks out about teenage pregnancy, and is an advocate for women’s rig


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