February 3, 2023

How A Family Of 18 Went From ‘Dirt Poor’ To Living In A Mansion – Big Family

How A Family Of 18 Went From ‘Dirt Poor’ To Living In A Mansion – Big Family

Most parents  want to give their kids all the world, but many of us have to do it on ahem normal salaries — which makes “the world” considerably smaller. With the big family that salaries haven’t enough for them life. That why parents have to do work hard and more  effort, give thier children’s life better. For the Nelsons “We were dirt poor … I mean dirt poor,” the mom shared.

  When Tiffany Nelson and her husband, Benji, first got married , they had hard working ,  they each had six jobs. “I worked in an ice cream shop and I was also a distributor of newspapers — in the morning Benji and I went  deliver newspaper bundles to all of the paperboys,” she said of their humble beginnings. They also sold salt to local grocery stores so they could apply it to roads when it would snow.They did everything if have money.

“For date night, we used to collect cans,” Tiffany said in dirt poor . She  explained that they would collect cans three nights a week, every week, and even made about $950 one year from collecting cans. By the time Benji graduated from school, the two had saved more than $20,000.They decied  buy a house together, they felt that was enough money.  Two years later they sold the house for $28,000 to $30,000 more than they’d paid for it. Then they did it again with their next house and were able to bring in a $90,000 profit. They got some money from sales thier house.

They sold that house two years later for double what it cost to build. Again, it was enough incentive that the two decided to build their own subdivision featuring 24 lots that could be used for homes. The lots sold, and with the money they made from the sales, the two decided to build a house for themselves.

in 2008 they have 10 children , some one is biological, some one is adopted.  But the couple hit a snag  during the 2008 recession and ended up bankrupt, they lost everthing , that they had built adn worked hard for over 10 years  time. The bad truth, all their efforts, thier dream, their children futures. They had started again.

Losing everything eventually caused the parents  to stop their workaholic ways and spend more time with their kids. The two managed to rebuild their development business and even supplemented their income with Tiffany’s day care business, which she said was very successful.

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