February 4, 2023

The Bittersweet Reality Of Being A Twin Mom Through A Singlemom 

The Bittersweet Reality Of Being A Twin Mom Through A Singlemom 

I never  hoped and expected to one day hold the nick name  “twin mom” i didn’t be ready.  Now i  reality of being a twin mom was too much for me to imagine before it actually happened to me.    The Reality of Being a Twin Mom –  That is when I started to realize the bittersweet realities of being a twin mom. That not easy and happy to me. In my life a only just  imagine about everything beautiful if i have baby.

While it is double the love, and double challenge don’t get me wrong, it is also so muchmore . Being a twin mom, especially as a first-time mom, really sets you apartmoms of singletons might not face.

She felt  intense isolation  being the first mom. And not just because getting out of the house sounds impossible.

Isolation because you feel like you should be good at this. You were the one chosen for twins, right?  Become a mom of twins, do everything by own . It so hard. Friends and family might offer their help, but you don’t want it. At least not until you ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ apart and there is nothing left to hide.

I remember in those early days I  refused any and all help. thakful helping. So it’s not necessarily because I didn’t want it, it was more so that I was trying to prove that I could do it. I was given two at the same time, so I should be able to handle that. I will try my best become a good mum in my efforts if i can.

It took me about six months before I asked for help for the first time. I felt so incapable because I had to ask for help with my own kids, and I still don’t like having to ask. But it is something I have come to accept as a twin mom. You need a little more help, and that is okay.

The isolation also stems from feeling like you have nothing in common with other new moms. They have one baby, you have two, and this creates a lot of challenges in making friends.


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