March 19, 2023

4 Ways To Keep Baby’s Skin Super SᴏFᴛ Mom Should Know

4 Ways To Keep Baby’s Skin Super SᴏFᴛ Mom Should Know

Baby’s skin was very soft for the first month to so after she was born. But it wouldn’t be that soft forever.  His skin will never be as soft as it is in those first few months. That why you need to know ways how to protect your baby’s skin smooth and soft  as long as  possible when they grow up.

Here are some easy ways to keep your baby’s skin as soft  as well:

1. Protect your baby from the sun.
 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says you should keep babies under 6 months out of direct sunlight—use an umbrella , jacket, or tree shadow or keep your baby under the stroller canopy. For babies under 6 months, the AAP says that if you can’t keep your baby completely in the shade,  sun block be use on baby’s body part like the face, arms, legs sᴜɴsᴄʀᴇᴇɴ be used on small areas of the body (like the face and the backs of your baby’s hands) . But you should test it on a small patch of your baby’s back before using it all over to make sure he isn’t allergic . For babies of all ages, think about dressing your baby in hats, lightweight, long-sleeved clothing, and sunglasses.

2. Give your baby a post-bath massage.

Not only are massages a great way to bond you  with your new baby, they’re a great way to keep his skin soft and healthy,  baby will feel more comfotable  too. According to the MD Moms, the best time for a massage is after a bath because your baby’s skin is plumped up hydrated  and it will hold in the moisture from an oil or lotion better.

3.Use products with baby-friendly ingredients.
Pediatrician Alan Greene, M.D., says to choose moisturizers for baby products, sure those are natural and safe for baby ‘s skin . Try to avoid these ingredients: talc, lanolin, and fragrance. They can all potentially iritate  your baby’s skin. Remember to choose a baby-friendly detergent too—those adorable clothes will be rubbing up gaint baby’s skin.

4. Prevent diaper rash.

While a little rash  here and there is inevitable according to Dr. Sears, you can do some things to minimize diaper rash such as: change your newborn’s diapers every two hours (longer for older babies), change a poopie diaper immediately, clean your baby’s bottom thoroughly, use a good diaper cream if your baby needs it.

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