April 24, 2023

Mom Who Wanted To Give Her Sons A Bigger Family Has 4 Kids In 13 Months Happy With Her Family 

Mom Who Wanted To Give Her Sons A Bigger Family Has 4 Kids In 13 Months Happy With Her Family 

A mom wanted a big family , she was pregnant twins, so she needed  to gave birth more children at the same time, she used surrogate . With total 4 babies . At 40, mom Tracy of New York City was happy with her family of three, but her 10-year-old son Hunter wasn’t. He really wanted some brothers and sisters, so the mom decided to try and get pregnant  and used a surrogate  at the same time, then their surrogate revealed that she was pregnant with twin girls.  Four months after Tracy gave birth twins , their surrogate gave birth their twins Piper and Presley.

Happily, the family with 5 children the mom got pregnant on her own and her surrogate had twins. Shortly after giving birth, Tracy learned she was again. After four rounds of I.V.F, Tracy learned that she had made Hunter’s dreams come true.

“So when I had these three little babies at home, I found out I was pregnant again,” she added. This time with a boy, Dylan James, who was delivered at 29 weeks. Hunter is now 15 years old, Harlow is 4, Piper and Presley are 4, and Dylan is 3.

People in comments section were stunned by the mom’s story. She had a big family, has babies by herself, why she still needed more baby by surrogate .

“That’s an amazing story,” wrote one commenter.

“As an only child this is the best gift for your son!” someone else wrote.Other people joked that perhaps the mom had gone a little too far to make her son’s dream come true.

“I don’t think brother knew what he was asking for but you definitely understood the assignment,” one person commented. “Beautiful family.”

“All these wonderful ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛs and all I can think is you gotta be careful what you ask for,” another person joked.

Big brother said that he and his much younger siblings bond over watching Pixar movies . But overall, Hunter said he loves that he gets to teach his younger siblings things — that’s the best part of the gig.

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