April 23, 2023

The Woman 47 Years Old And Her Husband 50 Years Old Trying For Their Second Child Over Past Seven Years

The Woman 47 Years Old And Her Husband 50 Years Old Trying For Their Second Child Over Past Seven Years

Many older first-time moms face a dilemma when it comes to baby No. 2. The clock is ticking louder than ever. Two years later, the couple tried to have a sibiling for her first daughter, the couple from Australia, turned to I.V.F to fulfil their dream of having another baby – which sadly ended in disappointment too. But  over the past seven years, did every method,  Suvi and Luke have spend alot of money  over £134k on fertility  treat-ment  and travelled to three continents in their quest to have a second child. But it was all worth it for the couple – as after 30 gruelling rounds of I.V.F, they’re going to become parents again this December. Their dream was become true a big family.


She told a bout her journey . Shortly after their first round failed, the couple travelled to Los Angeles for more fetility treat-ment  before eventually conceiving their second baby with a donor eggs successful at the OLGA clinic in Russia – which cost them a further £22k. The couple received three donor eggs  and Suvi couldn’t let herself believe that it would work first time.

Underwent pregnant journey, the couple spent alot of money for arounds I.V.F treat-ment,even they borrowed money alot of from their family members and their friends.  – which they have no regrets about.

She said: “We’re going to be paying off the debt for the rest of our lives, but I said to my husband, ‘I don’t care if we’re living in a tent, we just have our family. It’s still early days, so there is a chance that something could go wrong, but we have another embryo already on ice and we have two more rounds with the OLGA clinic. But we are very hopeful with this pregnancy; the signs so far are good. We’re pretty certain now, given this positive result, which is a huge step in the right direction, we’re pretty confident that at the end of the journey we will have our tow kids.”

Suvi was delighted when she conceived earlier this year

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