April 22, 2023

The Easy Idea Of Recycling Old Parents’ Discarded Shirts Into New Beautiful Clothes For Your Kids You Can Do It 

The Easy Idea Of Recycling Old Parents’ Discarded Shirts Into New Beautiful Clothes For Your Kids You Can Do It 

Each of us on average throws $ 90 into costumes per year. About 80% of textiles and garments are wasted, accounting for 5% of the landfill area. If you are the type of person who is very economical and does not want to throw their clothes away, think about how to recycle old parents’ clothes for your children. As someone who likes to save money, protect the environment and do unique things, you can tailor and experience new things for your children.

The 33-year-old mother in the US has 55,000 followers on Instagram to admire the beautiful dress like the design that she recycle from discarded items.
The two daughters, 9 and 8 years old, of Sarah Tyau’s sister in Utah, USA, buy almost no clothes ever because a clever mother makes her own clothes from her mother’s clothes or items. be from charity store. She has turned her old wedding dress into an eye-catching summer dress, a flared leather shirt into a stylish handbag, a discarded jean shirt into something that looks no less fashionable than a new model …

Recently, she also ran a project called “Com sew with us”, teaching basic sewing techniques, sharing a recycling method on Youtube every week for those who are interested. She said that in addition to making clothes for two children, she also recycle for herself to wear and the average time to complete one item is usually about 3 hours.

The outdated jacket was recycled by Sarah into a pretty dress and bow for her baby.
“Super nice baby is born from the old parent’s shirt

She said the two daughters helped me a lot in this process. All babies like the clothes the mother makes and are not afraid to try again and again so that the mother fixes it properly.
She did it why don’t you try it. If you have a little girl, this will be an extremely wonderful experience. The support tools are also very simple: needle, scissors, small chalk or pencil and finally a baby dress for modeling.
All cute outfits are sewn the same way:
Step 1: Put your baby’s dress on top of the collar of the shirt, sketch it out with a pencil or a piece of chalk.
Step 2: Cut according to the outline, this will be the future dress you plan to sew for your baby.
Step 3: Sewing body, shoulders, and sleeves.
Step 4: Sew the collar and tighten the waist
Step 5: If you want the dress to be more sparkling, you can stitch, decorate and add some accessories “flowers, leaves”!
Here are some “super cute” dresses that are variations from the parents’ shirts.

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