February 4, 2023

My Bump Was Enormous When I Was Pregnant With Triplets 

My Bump Was Enormous When I Was Pregnant With Triplets 

Although it may seem frightening and certainly also painful, giving birth to a child is probably one of the strongest and most significant experiences a woman can ever have. Not everyone feels the desire to become a mother and there is nothing wrong with that – giving birth, however, is certainly an important event. After 9 very long months, made of ɴᴀᴜsᴇᴀ, ᴍᴏᴏᴅ sᴡɪɴɢs,  it also takes time to get used to the growing belly and changing body shape. But also pampering and rest, the fateful moment of delivering the little miracle arrives: that bundle that had been inside us for all those months, comes to light, becoming part of our lives.    Although becoming a parent can certainly sᴄᴀʀᴇ you, the exact moment you hold your newborn child in your arms, you will see that the fears will disappear in an instant. One woman, who is on TikTok, garnered over two million views on a video that debuted her baby bump. Trista, who recently gave birth to triplets, began with a sonogram showing three heartbeats: “Finding out I’m having triplets, not knowing how big I’ll get.”

The next frame was a photo of her at ten weeks pregnant, in which each baby was supposedly the size of a prune. Her bump had already popped—there was no way of hiding the pregnancy by then.

At twelve weeks, when the babies were supposed to be the size of a plum, she was even larger.  sounding a bit more frightened with each passing week. At 24 weeks, the three cantaloupe-sized babies made Trista grow even more. At 29 weeks, three acorn-squash-sized bodies were swimming inside her massive stomach.

Trista’s final images showed her with only two weeks left till her scheduled c-section, which ultimately occurred a little over 33 weeks in. Her belly was enormous. The videos received over 1,000 comments, with most people asking follow-up questions that Trista then answered in additional clips.

According to another one of her videos, the babies—all girls—each weighed less than 5 pounds. One weighed four pounds 13 ounces. The second and smallest weighed three pounds eight ounces. And the third was three pounds 14 ounces.

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