February 4, 2023

Beautiful Story , Woman Gives Birth To Brother’s Baby 

Beautiful Story , Woman Gives Birth To Brother’s Baby 

Scott and Michael, who live in Blackpool, are engaged and first met five years ago. They started looking into adoption three years before Chapelle made her offer.

A generous sister has given her brother and his partner the gift of life by volunteering to be their baby’s surrogate mothe. Chapelle Cooper, 27, made the life changing decision after discussing how expensive and complicated the adoption process can be.

Her brother Scott Stephenson and partner Michael Smith were also concerned about finding a trustworthy surrogate. They say they were ‘blown away’ when Chapelle made her offer and said it was like ‘a dream come true. Her egg was used with Michael’s sperm, making her both Harper’s biological mother and ‘auntie’.

The couple said: ‘We were so worried about Chapelle throughout the labour but she made us so proud.”

Michael says he and Scott made some ground rules from the very start of the pregnancy.

He said: ‘We weren’t going to be controlling about her diet and tell her what she could and couldn’t do but we are control freaks by nature. We found ourselves really protective of her throughout the pregnancy. We’re always going to be honest with Harper and tell her how she was made. We always want her auntie to be a part of her life.’

Chapelle said she is ‘still going to be a big part of her life’ but taking on the role of ‘auntie’ rather than as her mother.

She added: ‘I don’t think I could’ve done it if I’d never seen her again which made it a lot easier.’

Scott says the whole process has been an ‘absolutely whirlwind’ and a ‘really wonderful experience’ which has brought the family closer together.


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