February 4, 2023

Four Sisters “Invited Each Other” To Get Pregnant, Surprising Netizens

Four Sisters “Invited Each Other” To Get Pregnant, Surprising Netizens

Life is full of surprising and very interesting coincidences. The story of 4 siblings in a family who were pregnant for a year together and took a recent set of beautiful and shimmering pregnancy photos is an example. The image of four sisters with identical faces showing off their pregnant belly in a commemorative photo set shared by one of the four people.


All born within 18 months of each other, the four siblings are now all expecting babies at around the same time. Twins Haley Andrews and Katie DeAngelis, 33, and their sisters Amy Gossett, 32, and Caroline Toth, 30 are all pregnant and due just weeks apart. And no, they didn’t plan their mini family baby boom.

Caroline said“It was magical finding out that we get to go through this experience together,  calling each other almost daily, has been, honestly, the coolest ever,”

A family affair excited .

The sisters’ parents are already preparing for a future of four of their grandchildren sharing close birthdates.  “Them being pregnant together has really just been wonderful,” their mum Beth Gaines said. “Two of them – the twins – have never been pregnant before. So it’s really fun watching their relationships blossom.”

“It’s very exciting. We’re going to have two boys and two girls,” their dad Ted added. “Blessings come in 2021 and part of that is having four new grandchildren. We have three grandchildren now and we’re going to go to seven. So, we’re trying to figure out how do we do this?”

It’s been reported that Katie, the first sister who found out she was expecting, gave birth earlier this month, with the other sisters due in June and July. The sisters have created an Instagram account, The Gaines Girls, for anyone wanting to follow their journey.

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