April 22, 2023

When Should Your Bathe For Your Newborn

When Should Your Bathe For Your Newborn

Bathing a newborn is a matter of great concern to many mothers to ensure the health of the child during the new-born period, the child is still extremely weak.


Bathing babies is very necessary for the development of the baby’s body. Because in young children, the metabolism takes place very quickly, the secretions are strong, so the baby’s skin gets dirty very quickly. If not bathed, the skin is clogged with pores, itching will make the baby very uncomfortable. Therefore, after giving birth, the baby still needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Did you know that babies don’t need a bath every day? So, how often should a baby bath and how long should each bath last? What time of day do you bathe your baby.

Bath time might be part of your nightly ritual, but doctors actually don’t recommend daily baths for babies. Excess exposure to water can zap their skin of moisture

When to Bathe a Newborn for the First Time

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), newborn babies should get their first bath about 24 hours after birth. You don’t have to take a long, long bath, it’s good for your baby. Newborn baby’s skin is still quite delicate and you should not let your baby soak in water for too long. According to experts, each bath should only last for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Bath time encapsulated in 10 minutes will help baby’s skin not dry. In addition, the baby does not lose body temperature. Next, to take better care of your baby’s skin, you can use a little more lotion (skin cream) specifically for babies and apply evenly to your baby’s skin to help your baby’s skin stay soft. , does not dry out. Don’t skimp on the lotion, either. “Daily application can help prevent eczema outbreaks, so this might be a useful replacement for bathtime in the bedtime routine,” says Dr. Grant.

The Bottom Line: To recap, bathing your baby no more than three times a week is perfectly healthy, given that you wipe the diaper area thoroughly at each changing and apply moisturizer daily.


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