April 23, 2023

Is Breast-feeding Or Bottle-feeding Best For Baby

Is Breast-feeding Or Bottle-feeding Best For Baby

Breast milk as the best nutrition for babies. Babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first six months, according to the AAP. After other foods have been introduced, the AAP encourages mothers to continue to nursing until baby is at least a year old, and as long after that as both mother and child are willing.

Choosing to breastfeed or bottle-feed is one of the first important parenting decisions you’ll make as a new mother. Both have their own pros and cons. Over the years, this issue has been controversial, often resulting in mothers feeling judged for choosing formula over breast milk. Breast milk contains many nutrients and provides antibodies for babies. Breast milk is a gift of nature, it has an advantage over all other types of milk. Nothing can replace breast milk. Direct breastfeeding is one way to breastfeed your baby. It makes your baby’s bones healthy. It makes the baby’s jaw strong. It makes baby’s teeth strong by increasing calcium coating. It makes the bones in your baby’s face harder. Breastfeeding will help your baby improve speech.

The longer you breastfeed, the less likely you are to need dental treatment like braces. While bottle-feeding, the baby only moves the tongue at different angles, breast-feeding affects the development of the baby’s oral tissues. When a baby suckles on the nipple of the bottle the shape of the jaw is affected.

Bottle-feeding takes longer than direct breast-feeding. Bottle-feeding mothers must wash the accessories and replace them as needed. Using a breast pump will take longer. Mom will have to clean back and forth the bottle, accessories and very time consuming.

During this time, mothers should play and give love to their children. Bottle-feeding mothers, first need to prepare the bottles to express milk during direct breastfeeding, you simply place the baby on the breast.

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