January 28, 2023

Talking To Your Unborn Baby To Help Them Stay Healthier And Smarter

Talking To Your Unborn Baby To Help Them Stay Healthier And Smarter

Talking, reading books, listening to music are ways to talk to the fetus to help develop the baby’s physical and intellectual development.


Teaching by sound and words is a method to stimulate the fetus to develop healthy and intelligent right from the womb. However, how to talk to the fetus, what to note, not all parents know. The womb is an ideal sensory environment for your growing baby; and one of the first senses to develop, is your unborn baby’s sense of hearing. By 25 weeks gestation, all the major structures which are needed for hearing, are now in place.

You can start talking to your baby at any time, but it’s best at 18 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the ear part enters the mature stage, the baby will hear the heartbeat from the mother’s heart or the sound of blood flowing through the umbilical cord.

By about the 25th week of pregnancy, the fetus will clearly hear the voices of the mother, father and people around. At 27 weeks, some fetuses can still recognize the mother’s voice, the father’s voice, and the stranger’s voice. Any sound will affect the heartbeat as well as the movement of the fetus. At the same time, children also feel the love of their parents for them. Babies will notice, remember and learn about everything around them right from the womb.

The sense of hearing is the one sense which helps prepare your baby for life outside the womb. As the baby’s mum, your voice is the first voice your baby will recognise when they are born. Studies have shown a mum’s voice has a calming effect on baby, as it is familiar.

So, Talking to your baby while they are still in the womb can help mum and baby to bond. Why not play some music, providing it is not too loud. Studies have demonstrated playing classical music stimulates baby’s cognitive brain development. You might even find the music you play to your unborn baby will have a calming effect on your newborn baby.

So find some time each day and practice gently massaging your belly, talking, singing and playing some music to your baby. You could tell your baby about your day, read a story and sing lullabies. You will also benefit from the experience as you will hopefully find the experience a relaxing time, present in the moment as you connect with your baby. All of this activity will lower you stress hormones which in turn will have a positive effect on your growing baby.


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