February 4, 2023

Things Parents Need To Note About Food For Babies From 4 Months Old

Things Parents Need To Note About Food For Babies From 4 Months Old

There are many parents who are confused about how to give their children solid foods the right way, how to provide adequate nutrients for children. Let’s refer to the information below with kidsme to have the best scientific plan for children to eat solids in the right way to be good for their child’s development later!

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), mothers should introduce solid foods to their babies when they are 6 months old. At this point, breast milk already has less protein and more antibodies. Meanwhile, babies need more energy for activities. The child’s digestive system at this time has also met the need to digest soft and liquid foods such as flour, porridge, juice, etc.

After four months, you will notice that your baby has become more active than before. He will be keen to explore his surroundings. Also, his stomach will grow bigger. It means that you can now introduce solid foods in his diet. Introducing solid foods in your baby’s life is no less than a milestone. It lays the foundation for healthy eating habits. So how can you begin with solid foods?

Is Your Baby Ready For Solids?

Your baby must have lost the ‘tongue thrust reflex  by the time he is four months of age. thrust reflex prevents the infants from choking . It also causes them to push the food out of their mouths.  If your baby seems unsatisfied after milk feeds, can hold their head up without any support, can sit without support, wakes up more frequently at night to feed, follows your food with their eyes when you eat, then probably it is the time to introduce him to solid foods. See if your baby is interested in the food or not. If your child stares and grabs your food at dinnertime, then he is ready for some variety. The baby should be able to sit well without any support. Your child need a good neck control to eat solid foods. It will enable him to swallow his food efficiently. The 4 months baby food should consist of solids.

Tips: A baby’s tummy is the size of his fist, do not expect your baby to finish a meal, he probably will eat just ½ of a tablespoon portion of what you serve to him, serve a food to baby for four days at a stretch. It will help you learn thesigns of intolerance and allergy, follow this process until your baby has tried a variety of foods. Always serve cooked veggies to your baby so that he can chew it easily, cooking breaks down the cell wall, making the food easier to digest by the baby. Place the spoon near your baby’s lips and let him taste and smell, don’t be surprised if your tot rejects the first spoon, wait for a few minutes and try again. Do not add any salt or pepper to the baby food. As your baby gets used to solid food, make the puree less runny. You can mash the food instead of pureeing it.

Remember, there is no rush in getting your baby to eat more food. If your baby looks disinterested in other foods, turns his head away, or spits it out, then give him a few more days to adjust to the new eating habit. Some babies are more cautious than others when it comes to new foods.


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