February 5, 2023

Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production  Good For Mom And Baby

Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production  Good For Mom And Baby

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants and young children. Therefore, ensuring an abundant source of breast milk is the best way to help children have a solid foundation for their development. Mothers can use the following factors to increase breast milk production to effectively breastfeed their babies.

1. Breastfeed your baby as soon as possible

The sucking movement of your baby will help increase breast milk production. Even if the mother does not have milk, she should still breastfeed the baby to call for the milk to come back quickly and help the baby suckle the first precious amount of colostrum. The more babies suckle, the more breast milk comes in because breast milk is secreted by reflex mechanism. When the baby suckles, sensory impulses will be transmitted from the breast to the brain, the brain will stimulate the pituitary gland to produce the hormones prolactin and oxytocin. In there, Prolactin helps stimulate lactation cells to produce milk, increasing milk production reflex.  Oxytonic helps contract the muscles around the milk follicle to guide milk to the nipple, increasing the ejection reflex.

2. Empty the udder after breastfeeding

Draining the breast is a way to help the mother produce more milk by stimulating the next milk to come quickly. The mother should breastfeed about 20 – 30 minutes / time, depending on the strength of the baby’s suckling. Mothers should breastfeed properly, sucking from one pregnancy to another to take advantage of all the milk in the mother’s breast. Especially when the amount of milk at the end of the pregnancy contains a lot of fat to help the baby gain weight.

If the baby is finished feeding and still feels milk in the breast, the mother should use a breast pump to express all the milk. This milk can be frozen for future use.

Should eat Safe foods|:

Eat stress relieving foods: Feeling stressed can lower milk supply. Dark green leafy veg, such as spinach, and raw nuts are best to calm your nerwes.

Add flavour: Research suggests certain tastes, like garlic, can make your baby feed longer.

Drink more: Your breastmilk is between 80 and 90% water, so it’s no surprise drinking more will help maintain your supply.

Up you’re calcium intake: If you’re on your period, you may experience a drop in milk supply. Increassing your calcium intake before and during your period can help.

Choose sleep inducing foods: Did you know, bananas and oats help you sleep better? Something you need to keep your milk flowing 24 hours a day during the night feeds.

Eat mini meals: Your body uses lots of energy breastfeeding. Eat little and often to maximise the milk supply.

Get five a day: Your baby needs all the vitamins he can get to help his development. Now is the time to get your 5 a day!

Go for good fats: Research shows a diet high in essential fatty acids when breastfeeding helps your baby’s brain.

Power up on probiotics: Probiotics and preboitcs are KEY when brastfeeding. Natural yoghurt, oats, asparagus and bananas are all good.

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