April 24, 2023

Dad Creates Perfect Photos Of His Kids

Dad Creates Perfect Photos Of His Kids

John Wilhelm. Who was born 1970 in Winterthur, Switzerland, where  he still live together with his wife, three girls and one son, and lots of camera-equipment.

Photography was always important in his life. His father was an enthusiastic hobby-photographer and so I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, self-made camera-baggage’s, darkrooms.
The importance of photography changed into joy when he was holding his first digital camera in his hands. The fire was sparked and a long journey began — a journey through lots of camera systems, techniques, experiences and finally software products.

February 2011, He decided to entered the world of Photoshop and now it was basically possible to realize everything that’s in his mind. Fortunately, He has the great luck to be the father of a handful of natural talents.

He started to try out ideas with his oldest daughter Lou when she was perhaps 1 to 2 years old . And every time she was so great and had so much fun He was inspired to realize more and more ideas. And her sisters turned out to be also very great. It seems like Mila and Yuna could learn a lot from Lou and now I can easily work with all three of them. There are a lot of photo were made from John Wilhelm.

The relationship between father and daughter is unique. There are always good memories between father and daughter. The most enjoyable thing is to see your child grow up every day. I always wanted to experience with you during my very short childhood. Have fun with your children, create timeless photo sets.

Many studies also show that father and daughter playing together, growing up together will be much better. Therefore, I want to be both a father and a companion with my children without missing a second or a minute. We can only be with our daughter for about 20 to 30 years. Because when you grow up, you will have a small family to nurture and take care of. At that time, when I think of my father, I come back to visit, but I personally think I can’t ask him to always be there to take care of me.

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