February 5, 2023

The Benefits Of Having A Second Baby

The Benefits Of Having A Second Baby

Many couples decide to have a second child to help the first child have more fun with playmates. In addition to this, having more children also brings a lot of other benefits to the whole family, besides the stress that family members experience.

Relationship Changes After a Second Child

Everyone talks about how difficult it is for your firstborn to suddenly have to share your attention. But it’s also an adjustment for you. Now you’ll have to learn how to divide your focus, energy, and love. Along the same lines, you and your partner might feel stressed because you have less time with each other, or he might feel like you have enough hugs and kisses for the kids but not for him. Keep in mind as your family grows that you will both need help from the other.

The Benefits of Having a Second Baby

Despite any difficulties you might experience during those first few months, you will surely see the beauty of having another baby. You will also be overjoyed by the sweet interactions between your children. The more the new baby responds to her big brother or sister, the more engaged the two will be with one another. Siblings will sometimes develop their own language and games that you’re not even a part of. Another upside of adding to your family: You’ve already taken one child through infancy and know what’s coming with sleep, feeding, and setting limits. If you’re nursing for the second time, you’ll probably find that it’s easier getting the baby to latch on correctly. In addition to being less anxious, you may also appreciate your second’s babyhood more. With your first child, you so often can’t wait until he hits major milestones – when is he going to crawl, walk, talk, you constantly wonder. But now that you know how quickly time passes, you’re more likely to savor the stage your child is in rather than anticipate the next big thing.

Transition Tips for a Second Child

Since you’re now so crunched for time, you really need to streamline your life. When you have one child, you can still live without systems for doing laundry and household chores, paying bills, and cooking dinner. But with two, a laissez-faire approach can be harder to get away with.  As soon as you can, get your new baby on a regular nap and bedtime schedule; everyone will be in a better mood. Eventually, both kids will go to bed around the same time and eat regular meals together, which will make your life a lot easier.


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