February 4, 2023

How To Bath For Twins 

How To Bath For Twins 

Bathing a newborn can be fun for both parent and baby. However, the bathing environment is slippery, if the baby does not cooperate and stir a lot, it will cause some difficulties. Therefore, parents need to know how to bathe the basic newborn baby before starting to do it.

Bathing for babies right from the beginning has been very difficult, but it is even more difficult to bathe 2 babies at the same time. Here are the right instructions for mothers to easily implement at home for 2 babies .

1.  Rotate bathe: Alternate baths; You don’t have to bathe your twins at the same time, bath them one at a time.

2.  Ask for help: It is necessary to have the supervision of your husband, a grandparent or some one  while bathing both children at the same time. In this case 4 hands will be faster and safer than 1 person.

3. Don’t bathe long time: Do not bathe your baby for too long. Bathing for too long affects the baby’s skin. Should only shower for 4-5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes

4. Wash your child’s face first: Wash your face first, then wash your hair, so that your baby’s 𝑏𝑟𝑎𝑖𝑛 can promptly receive and irritate the changes of the body, after washing the hair, have to wipe it dry to avoid water flowing into the baby’s ears.

5. Set up the changing station early: Get what you need for after the bath (diapers, lotion, pajamas, etc.) ready beforehand, preferably right next to the tub. You can put two changing pads on the floor, with towels over them. When you take one baby out of the tub, you can immediately put him down and wrap him the towel, and then g𝚘 t the other baby out without worrying about either rolling off a changing table.

6.Bathing the newborn at a fixed time: Whether it’s just wiping with a towel or bathing your baby in a basin of water, parents should choose a fixed time to establish a routine for their baby. It’s usually a good idea to bathe in the evening before your baby goes to bed because studies have shown that bathing can help the body relax more comfortably and fall asleep more easily. After bathing, turn off the lights, reduce noise and other activities so that your baby realizes it’s time to sleep.

However, parents should not bathe babies when they are hungry, grumpy or have digestive problems. In addition, the child’s body can be cleaned at any time of the day that parents deem appropriate and convenient.


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