January 28, 2023

Does The Baby In The Womb Has Its Eyes Open Or Not

Does The Baby In The Womb Has Its Eyes Open Or Not

Whether the baby in the womb opens its eyes is one of the most frequently asked questions. Besides, the issue of what the baby sees in the mother’s womb also makes many people curious. Besides, what the baby sees in the womb makes many people curious. Let’s find out and explain that question.

At 8 weeks, your baby’s eyes are formed, but it will take 1-2 months for all the cells to form perfectly to form a pupil, iris and eyelid for your baby. At the time when the baby enters the 7th week, it is also the time when the eyes are opened to see all the dark spaces in the mother’s womb. But the baby only spends very little time opening his eyes, most of the time about 90-95% of the fetus will be asleep with eyes closed.

Even when the baby does not have eyelids yet, from the 20th week onwards, the baby will have eyelids, at this time the baby’s eyes are still functioning normally inside under the skin. Until the fetus is 26 weeks old, with eye reflexes such as turning back and forth, closing and opening eyes continuously before the effects of sound and light. Usually with the reflection of the uterus and amniotic fluid, the fetus will feel the light coming in from the outside and at this time, the baby will be able to open its eyes wide to see everything that is happening.

What does the baby in the womb see

Babies can feel it with their eyes when the mother is in sunlight. Bright light can shine through the abdomen so the baby can sense the faint light. However, the baby’s eyesight is still not good. Mom should not go out during the time when the light is strong, it will not be good for the baby’s power, because the baby’s eyes are weak now. Mothers should go out more often, go on tours so that mothers are comfortable and good for their baby’s eyes to help their baby’s eyes develop well

When the baby opens his eyes after birth

Most babies open their eyes for a few minutes after birth.  Babies tend to open their eyes better when you hold them upright.

How to make sure your baby has good eyesight

Balanced pregnancy diet is contributing to proper fetal eye development. That certain nutrients are required for eye formation – especially vitamin A.  Eating a variety of foods and taking prenatal vitamins regularly helps ensure you get all of those important nutrients.

Another thing that makes the baby’s eyesight better is sunlight. Although it is very dark in the womb, some light photons can still shine through the skin, with a slight intensity, the baby can see if the mother stands in the sunlight.

So in order for the baby’s Vɪsɪᴏɴ to be born, in addition to eating and providing enough vitamin A, you should be exposed to regular sunlight. However, avoid harsh sunlight and use sunscreen if necessary to protect your skin and the health of you and your baby.

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