January 28, 2023

Importance Of Fiber During Pregnancy You Need To Know

Importance Of Fiber During Pregnancy You Need To Know

Fiber supplements from before and during pregnancy are good researchers’ advice for pregnancy.

Fiber is found in plant-based foods. There are two main types of fiber: water-soluble fiber and water-insoluble fiber. Each type of fiber plays a different role, so when you’re planning to get pregnant, eat a variety of foods with both types of fiber.

Water-soluble fiber is found in many legumes such as: soybeans, beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits, … this fiber can reduce good cholesterol for health.
Insoluble fiber such as: wheat bran, unmilled grains, vegetables. This fiber absorbs water, increases the volume of waste, makes the waste removal process faster. Good for the digestive system.

Supplementing enough fiber for the body helps pregnant women deal with digestive difficulties that are common during pregnancy. Eating a high-fiber diet helps prevent glucose intolerance. When a woman is pregnant, she will have many problems with the intestines and di.gestion. This is because the increased progesterone and the expanding uterus loosen the intestinal muscles, which in turn slows down your digestion. Even when pregnant women add iron to the body, there are side effects such as making the stools become more solid, making you very uncomfortable.  Therefore, fiber supplements will play a role in helping your gut feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

Experts recommend that people consume 14 grams of fiber for 1,000 calories and 28 grams of fiber per day, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. If you increase your fiber by 10 grams per day. Instead of eating cakes and candies, switch to fruits and vegetables, which will help keep your b.l.o.o.d sugar at a steady level, not rising too quickly or dropping sharply. Fruits and whole grains are common sources of fiber. But that’s not your only option. Legumes, vegetables, and whole grains are also rich in fiber and are high-quality carbohydrates.

Fiber is, hence, an element which has to be included in the diet of all the pregnant women. This will help to keep both you and your baby completely healthy. It is very essential to keep track of your diet while you are pregnant. All the foods you intake in your daily life will have a direct effect on your baby. Thus, you have to ensure that your daily fiber intake is within the prescribed limits. For a better health and a happy baby, you need to have a healthy eating habit throughout your pregnancy.


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