April 25, 2023

Why I’ll Always Put My Children Before My Husband

Why I’ll Always Put My Children Before My Husband

With the view of”  Always put your relationship with your spouse first” .

I don’t agree in my  opinion, the potential da.mage  of always putting the needs of grown adults above the needs of helpless young humans is far more da.maging   to children’s psyches than potentially seeing their parents’ relationship suffer  from the realities of the real world.  We don’t live in a perfect world. Many men want their partner to put marriage first and children second

“Always put your relationship with your spouse first” That not true for me.  Because im my life,  while growing up I constantly dealt with insecurity  as a result of watching my parents nurture their various marriages and prioritize the needs of their spouses, They don’t interested in my thoughts, feelings and our life . That time we need  sharing concerns, listening to thoughts and thoughts about family . But  they only pay attention to their happiness, the importance of responsibility and sharing in family life in here no way.

My biggest wish and prayer when I was little was that I could just have my parents to myself again, to just be a priority to my parents for once, to be the one who was chosen ­– and not just the spectator of their stru.ggle  to keep a relationship together. I don’t want to give the wrong impression: My siblings and I were always provided everythings. But all the time, energy  and attention my parents put into second marriages and second families were taken away from us. My sister and I constantly suffer from insecurity and anxiety  and my nearly 40-year-old brother has never been married.

I feel that not only should moms put their kids first, but dads should also. Have a relationship still, by all means! But understand that the both of you decided to make these little humans together, and now it’s your responsibility – together.

I just feel that maybe the world needs kids who are a priority to their parents, who feel they belong, a little more than it needs power couples who are madly in love with each other. Just my non-expert opinion. I suppose in a perfect world we could have both.

We parents today are too quick to sacrifice our lives and our marriage for our kids. But as we break our backs for our kids, our marriage and self-fulfilment go out of the window.’Yet, for me, putting a husband first is outmoded. Why should women put their husbands before their children? Husbands are adults. They can make their own decisions, earn their own money.



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