April 23, 2023

7 Ways Your Baby  Wants To Say “I love you mom ” 

7 Ways Your Baby  Wants To Say “I love you mom ” 

We have made a list of six such gestures that babies do that tell that  baby absolutely love you and your company. These will actually fill your heart with happiness and love now that you will notice them and know what they mean.

1. They cry when you leaveLike we get sad when you miss the company of someone after they leave, your baby gets sad when you leave too. This is a case of separation anxiety for them. They feel anxious and cry because they have been separated from you. You must have totally noticed this. This tendency will aggravate more as the baby grows up. Till the time they can not crawl behind you, they will cry when you leave as they can not be with you anymore. This type of crying when they are separated from you is your baby’s way of telling you that they love you and do not want you to leave. Isn’t this just so adorable?
2. They smile at you

Moving on with our list, the next telltale sign of your baby communicating with you that they love you is that they smile at you. They may even giggle. And they do this not only when you are making them laugh and smile by playing with them, but also when they just see you from far away or when you slightly coddle them. Your baby can start flashing their full smile by the time they are about 8 to 10 weeks old. This smile will (and we’re sure, it already does) melt your heart every time. So the next time your baby smiles at you, just know that they want to say ‘i love you’ in their sweet giggles and smiles.

3.  They follow your voice

Interestingly, your baby can hear you from the uterus since when it was just a 20 weeks fetus. That is why, no matter who is holding you, they will follow your voice to find you. They want to see more of you and thus try to search you across the room by your voice.

4. They gaze into your face

Right from birth, a baby can recognize the face, voice, and “vapor” of its mother. The next step is to connect the sounds and scents that your baby trusts with what he or she observes. As a result, your baby begins to “study” your face, as if he’s trying to memorize it. And he really remembers it. She’s trying to make sure she understands what love and comfort look like. So next time, if you catch your baby locking eyes on you, give him time to get you in his mind. They are probably cherishing your presence and feeling a strong love for you.

5. They hold their arms up for you

Many babies love to be held from the moment they are born. But it takes about 6 months for the baby to have the ability to consciously and actively ask to be held. This is the sign language that shows how much a baby has come to trust and love his or her parents. This alone was enough to make the parents’ hearts tremble with joy. If they are already in your lap, they could be wanting to feel your face.  You will realize that they communicate really well with those gestures. There is certainly a lot that parents learn about their babies every day.

6. They snuggle into you

This is pretty obvious. Babies do not go in everyone’s laps. And they certainly don’t snuggle everyone that holds them. They specifically snuggle their parents more because they find comfort in their parents’ presence and love them. So the next time your baby snuggles into you and you feel a sudden rush of love for their cute actions, know that they’re also feeling the same love for you.

7. They grab your finger tightely

When you place your finger on the palm of your baby, they wrap it tightley with their tiny finger and never wants to let it go. This is your baby’s Grasping Reflex in action.


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