February 4, 2023

Just 3 Words Describe The Baby Bumps

Just 3 Words Describe The Baby Bumps

Your baby Bump is probably the first thing everyone notices when you are pregnant. Here’s a list of how moms-to-be like to describe their baby Bump in just three words. Enjoy!

Proud And Awkward
“It brings out a mix of emotions in us. While we are beaming with pride one minute, the next minute we become awkward as hell because of our giant belly. It’s hilarious how our baby Bump makes us feel at times,” says Vedika. Personal Crumb Tray

Ananya uses her belly for multiple other purposes. This is what she has to say…
“One of the perks about having a giant belly is it lets nothing fall to the ground when I eat. Imagine how hard it would be when you are sitting in your couch with your bucket of fried chicken and you drop a few crumbs on the floor? Try bending with your giant belly to pick it up. It’s an impossible task in my opinion and would take me forever. But thanks to my giant belly, it catches everything!”

Peekaboo With Toes

“Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot see past your baby Bump? I couldn’t find my toes because of my huge belly. I have to sit and keep my feet up to have a glance at them,” says Naja. I’m sure most moms know what she is talking about. I remember getting a nice pedicure for myself when I was pregnant and painting my nails in sandy beige color and later feeling frustrated as it was impossible for me to see my feet. There were days when I started missing my toes, as strange as it may be.

Cute Giant Potato
Once you are fully pregnant, you really start loving the giant ball your belly has become. My friend, Sushmita says she even bought a couple of bodycon dresses because she loved the idea of highlighting her baby Bump in those outfits.

Frustrating At Times
ne honest mama Shilpa was brave enough to tell it like it is to all fellow mothers out there. Things sure are easy when you don’t have a giant football holding you back when you drop your keys or when trying to put on your seat belt or simply getting out of your chair. There’s no denying that our belly comes in the way at times. And also, hormones play all sorts of cruel games making you laugh one second and cry the next.

Little Human Incoming
Our first-time mama, Radhika is fully pregnant and due next week. She feels like her baby will pop out any minute now. She says her baby is all she can think about nowadays wondering if her baby would have her husband’s curly hair or if it would have her smile and teeth. But most of all, she hopes her baby would be healthy and happy and gives her short and easy labor-
Has your belly started showing yet? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.


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