The Precious Moment When a Mother Hears Her Baby Cry for the First Time

I adore birth photography because it produces lovely pictures. I treasure each lovely memory I have of the birth of a child I will never have. Being a mother is an incredible experience, but seeing your partner hold your child for the first time is also a wonderful one. No matter how your child was created or how this tiny life was formed, there is just something magical about witnessing the person you love the most with your child.

A group of photographers about the highly gifted birth shared with us some pictures that portray some of the most emotional first contacts between a mother and her kid, as well as the emotional stories that lead them to that point. “This mother’s hospital birth of her first child lasted an extraordinarily long time. The second time she gave birth at home, it was a very different experience.

Her labor was fast and furious… the midwife had just stepped through the door before her second daughter was born. This moment captures the joy of being born for me.” This is the first time themother sees her sweet son. At 33 weeks, she was admitted to the hospital for a rare and often hard-to- detect condition called HELLP Syndrome. Two days later, her son was born, healthy but in need of a little extra help. I was allowed to turn back to her to see and touch him for the first time.

“My mother is also my sister, so I didn’t just take the underwater photos for this Christmas day at home. It was an experience I will always treasure to see her trust, commitment, and bravery in delivering my niece. Being able to hold him in her arms, where she can see and feel him, brings back the intense feelings that are going on because Karissa and Cory have been trying for years to acquirethis precious boy. surfacing with a scalding. For one family, the captured moment is precious, and Karissa claims she still cries out when she watches it.

“I myself am a labor and delivery nurse, cared for by the very people I work for a day in and day out. The look on the midwife’s face showed the love she had for Sara Beth. She gave birth naturally and completely without drugs. Sara Beth quickly made her way to the end, and with a single push, her daughter reached her mother! This is the third baby in the family, and it shows that the love and anticipation for the moment they are born don’t diminish one bit with each birth.”

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